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The Story of Talahi

Boji Girls Co. owes its creation to our family cottage, Talahi. Ground broke for the construction of Talahi during the summer of 1919. Dr. Porath named his cottage Talahi which originates from the Ojibwa tribe meaning “among the oaks". This name fits perfectly, as Talahi is nestled peacefully atop a hill, among the oaks, on Dixons beach. For years, our family members have enjoyed searching for beach glass amongst the shores of our beloved Talahi. Cathie is a 5th generation family member and part owner of Talahi, and Catie, Cathie’s daughter, is a part of the 6th generation to enjoy Talahi's rich history and breathtaking views of West Okoboji Lake.


Cathie and Catie started up Boji Girls Co. in January 2021 with a vision to share the love of Boji with others by creating heartfelt and one-of-a-kind Okoboji beach glass-inspired takeaways. All of these are handmade and hand-picked from Talahi's peaceful lakeshore.

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